Prodigys Solution Platforms

Prodigys provide a range of digital solutionplatforms that allows clients to manage their external (customers and representatives) and internal (employee intranet) communication simply and efficiently. Platforms can be used individually or combined as needed. We can create customized platforms whenever requested. The following are just some examples of our digital platforms.

Distribution Platform (K-PAX)

Our omnichannel Distribution platform (K-PAX) helps agents, advisers, resellers and distributors to engage with their customers – leading to increased customer loyalty, new customers and positive ROI.

K-PAX can be used in any industry and for any distribution channel such as insurance agents, bank agents, financial advisers, retail resellers, general distributors, service centers and much more

Customer Engagement Platform

Our omnichannel Customer Engagement platform helps companies to increase the overall customer user engagement.

One single digital platform, to simply manage all of your digital marketing and customer communication needs.

Ecommerce Platform

Our omnichannel Ecommerce platform helps companies to manage their eshop and other ecommerce requirements. Our ecommerce platform works for both large and smaller enterprises.

We create user-friendly and intuitive tools to provide a simple and easy user experience for your ecommerce customers. We do this by using our trilogy of expertise in technology, (UX) communication and design.

Intranet Platform

Our omnichannel Intranet platform provides companies with innovative solutions to keep employees fully engaged, using the latest trends in employee user engagement.

Your company intranet is a fantastic opportunity to keep engaged with your employees with huge benefits for employer and employee. Don’t waste it! We use clever tools and valuable content to give your employees a great user-experience and keep them fully engaged. It’s a win-win.