What is K-PAX?

K-PAX is an advanced single (omni) digital commercial platform for your distribution channels.

K-PAX creates and maintains a professional digital presence of your company (website/multi-sites, mobile, social media, mail).

K-PAX supports and helps develops your distribution channels user engagement level with your customers, utilising marketing content, digital tools, smart search optimisation, social media connectivity and innovative user experiences.

All in one single platform!

K-PAX Key Benefits

Easily manage your corporate digital communications from a single platform
Increase the user-engagement / user experience of / with your customers
Maximise your digital ROI
Maximise the productivity of your sales and distribution channels
Enhance your digital brand / digital presence
Measurable statistics

User-friendly Platform

The K-PAX platform is easy for managers and users to use.
Simply choose one or more of the tools below, or we can create custom tools as you wish.

Banner ADV

Other Functionalities

Content Tools
User-friendly website tools to help you create photo galleries, blogs, media ADV, newsletters and much more…
The K-PAX editing tool allows you to adjust colour, text, images and templates easily.
Responsive Design
The web design looks great on every kind of display such as smartphones, tablets, desktops…
Easily build your network of multi-sites for your agents, agencies, resellers and distributors.  
Support teams help you through every step of the project including planning, set-up, implementation, “go-live”, maintenance, ongoing customer service & development.
Everything is possible. From basic tools to sophisticated functionality, we can create it and deploy to your network in real-time.

Looks Great On Any Screen

The website design automatically adapts to the user’s preferred display such as desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Responsive web design

K-PAX fully supports responsive web design techniques and provides a selection of responsive templates. Responsive web design means that your website will look great on any device.

No Software Installation Required

No need to install software on your servers or any corporate or user devices.
K-PAX team takes care of the technical stuff, so you don’t have to worry about it.
Fully redundant & secure
24 hour monitoring

SEO Optimisation

K-PAX is designed to help you find new customers and for new customer to find you!
K-PAX dashboard helps you to easily track all statistics and analytics. This helps to constantly improve website performance, maximising all possible opportunities.