Industry ROI: >1,000 agents active on Facebook + 200.000 "likes", in less than 11 months!



A seamless integration of Communication, Technology & Design.

We help companies maximise their digital ROI by increasing customer engagement through superior

Industry ROI: 7.2 new contracts per agent per month from Facebook engagement, in only 90 days!
Digitally engage with your customers where, when and how they want.

We help companies maximise their digital communication with their customers, representatives and employees, throughout the whole customer journey.

Our K-PAX award winning solutions are enabling companies to fully engage with their customers in an efficient, compliant and innovative way. It’s a win-win.

Prodigys. A trusted partner!

Prodigys Solutions

Using a synergy of technology, communication and design, we create value added digital communication solutions for our clients. Popular solutions include our CCM, Digital Platforms, E-commerce, Communication UX & Design and Financial Back Office

Industry ROI: 500% increase in existing customer recommendations!

Customised Solution Platforms for your own needs

We create customised digital solution platforms that meet your needs, including platforms for distribution, customer engagement, e-commerce, intranets and much more.

Choose one or more platforms, to create the optimum business and customer solution. Different platforms. Same great features and benefits.

K-PAX Distribution Platform

The digital technology solution for agents, advisers, agencies, resellers and distributors. The K-PAX Distribution Platform enables your company to engage with your customers directly and via your distributors (agents, advisers, resellers…) in a branded, efficient and compliant digital way.


Our Customer Communications Management (CCM) Solution

Proven excellent ROI

Customised Platforms

One platform – for all devices

Fast setup /go live

User-friendly customisation

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One platform for all your needs

K-PAX Key Features

Multisite CMS (simple 10 minute setup per site!)

Corporate branded

Integrated compliance & management tools

One platform for all devices (PC, tablet, mobile…)

One dashboard for web, social, mobile, mail, print

Inbuilt e-commerce solutions

Predictive content capability

Clearly measured ROI

Easily integrated with Salesforce and other CRM platforms

Customer Success

Prodigys WEB – Single and Multi (mini) Sites

10 minutes to create your customised multi-site.

One of our specialities is creating, developing and managing large numbers of multi-sites. Each customizable mini-site can be created in less than 10 minutes by each individual user.

We are able to quickly deploy tens, hundreds or thousands of templated, branded and easily customizable "mini-sites" for your company distributors and representatives (agents, advisers, agencies, resellers).